Image Gallery

SERIES INTRODUCTION Turning West In the Sixties Over Van Buren Downtown
Northeast Corner Railing and Platform Tracks Crossing, 1982 Lake St. and River Crossing the River
Warning Paint South Wabash Brown Line, Snowstorm In the Subway Early Morning
Waiting to Turn North Tower 12 and Wabash North Over Wabash Ivy and Buildings Flowers Over Wabash
Dearborn Subway Windows Above the "L" Lake St. Bridge, Morning Stairway and "L" Brown Line and Buildings
Over State St. Wabash and Congress The Wonderful Junction River and Skyline An Urban Vista
Three Lines Loop Southwest Corner Autumn Along Wells Snow Falling Chicago River
Winter, Van Buren Wabash, Heading South Wells, Train Ahead From the Rear Window Pillars in the Street
Skyscrapers Along Lake Lake and Wells Ahead Straight Across Downtown Straight On Station Covering
Someday Ford City? Crossing Over Trains Coming North Pedestrian Passages Two Trains Over Wabash
West onto Van Buren Older Model Two Trains Below Washington Library Tower 18
Station Art Pigeons and Stairway CNA Building From the Stairway North from Adams/Wabash
Newest Cars Stairs and Station The Motorman Waits Library, Looking East Peace on Earth
Trees and Park Close-Up Madison/Wabash No Trains In View Urban Canyon
Soon Turning North South to Midway Over Wells Pink Cars Over Randolph Warnings at Quincy/Wells
Leaving Washington Junction Over Van Buren Summer Leaves Lake St. Rain Pink Cars Above Wabash
Washington/Wells Ends New Construction "L" and Subway Sun-Times Relocated
Merchandise Mart B Original Station, Restored Leaving Randolph/Wabash Quincy/Wells Pink Line over Lake
Over Wells All Loop Colors Showing      
Into the Sun Gloomy Wilmette Backup at Belmont Ravenswood Workers On the Ground
Wilmette Sunshine Leaving Linden Howard Transfer Skokie Electricity Skokie, Returning
Inbound, At Grade Passengers Discharged North Subway Rising Artifacts
Evening, Light Snow Routes Diverge Wilmette and Trees Single Track End Near North Side
Two Tracks Gone Red Line Ascends Crossing Active Tracks Street Crossing First Crossing Inbound
From Chicago Ave. Ground Level Merchandise Mart Howard Ave. Yards Protection
Old Bridge Winter Clearing Over Franklin Steel and Shadows Park Nearby
Sheridan Station Entry Manor Ave. Francisco Station Approaching Sheridan Bumper
Pedestrian Crossing future future future future
West Tracks and Trees Near O'Hare Damon "L" Station Old Stretch of "L"
Gate Down Street Level in Cicero Cicero Ave. Station Rebuilding Lake St. "L"
"L" on Lake St. Oak Park from Metra At O'Hare Airport Looking Down, Clinton Kostner Street Crossing
"L" Reconstruction Under Lake St. Switch Along the "L" Damen, Blue Line Tower and Train
Medical Center View Expressway Running Freight and Blue Line Cermak Branch Rising UP Engines, Green Line
Three Tracks Built for Four Tracks Tree and Embankment Along Alleys California, Inbound
California, Outbound Entrance to the "L" Empty Car Businesses by the "L" Clinton, Remodeling
Cermak Branch Structure Along the Embankment Over Chicago River Connector from Above Wider Tower View
South Cottage Grove Tracks Severed Under 63rd St. Alleys and Lots
Midway Line, Park Waiting at Midway Leaving Midway Old Structure Approaching Midway
Curves from Sears Tower Not In Regular Use Midway Line Splits Off Along the Orange Line Over an Alley
Tracks End, Midway Onto Elevated Structure Red Line, Dan Ryan Yards at Midway Red Line in the Median
Comiskey Park Sox-35th Orange Line Junction Skyline and Orange Line New Alignment
Old and New Segments At Roosevelt New Section, Looking North Underneath, Old and New Red Line Portal
Reflection at Roosevelt No Railings Red Line Emerging Two Trains Below Above Western
The Boulevards Yard, Wider View