Old and New Segments

In this view the old "L" gives way ahead to the new construction in the vicinity of Harrison.  Walking the alley under the original "L," one can look up and see daylight between the ties when no train is overhead.  The approaching rumble of a Green Line or Orange Line means the view up will soon be temporarily blocked.

The South Side "L" dates back to 1892, old enough so that it initially utilized steam power, and old enough so that the line helped move the throngs between downtown and the Columbian Exposition of 1893.

After the State St. subway opened in 1943 this stretch of "L" was inactive on the CTA for several decades (although North Shore interurbans used it until 1963).  The opening of the Dan Ryan Expy. route in the late 1960s restored service.  In 1993 a major service change took place --  the Dan Ryan route removed into a new connection to the subway under State St.  The old South Side route was taken out of the subway, and put back onto the "L" and into the Loop.  It seems quite fitting, and right. 

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