Dearborn Subway

The Blue Line under Dearborn is the newer of the two downtown subway routes, but even it has been in service for more than a half century.  A continuous platform, somewhat shorter than on the Red Line, links the Washington, Monroe and Jackson stations.

In the later-1950s the Congress Expressway project added a link to the subway that took Douglas Park and Garfield Park service off the Loop. 

In the 1980s extensions to the northwest took the line from a new Logan Square subway station out to O'Hare Airport, utilizing for a long stretch the median of the Kennedy Expy.  The Blue Line thus has the distinction of having parts of its route in the middle of, or adjacent to, two of the busiest urban expressways in the country.  (The Congress Expy. was long ago renamed in honor of Dwight D. Eisenhower).

At both the Jackson and Washington stations passageways allow for transfer between the two subway routes running one block apart.

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