Later at Lake and Wells

Taken from inside a Brown Line train twenty years or so later than the previous photo in the section, this view of the junction at Lake and Wells gives a good feel for the track layout and transit patterns as they were in the early 2000s.  The "L" over Lake St. continues west directly ahead. 

Purple Line trains use the closer cross track to leave the Loop northbound, and use the farther switch from the right to join the Loop over Lake.  (And thus their two directions cross each other, at a point just out of view to the right.  Purple, Orange and Pink Lines cross their tracks to navigate the Loop.) 

Orange Line trains use the left-most switch to move clockwise from the Wells portion of the Loop to that over Lake St.  

The Brown Line uses the far cross track to enter the Loop; and the switch on our track is set to move our train to the right, that line's route out to Kimball. 

In 2002 plans were announced for phased future construction and service changes that will, if achieved, significantly affect traffic at this junction.  It will reduce the bottleneck, but -- but to the transit lover it is a threat.  If fully realized will be a huge traffic improvement -- but it is a distant threat.

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