The "L" and the CTA, of course, cannot be considered without dwelling long and fondly upon the Loop.  This piece of urban transit is now well into its second century of service.  No other city in the country has its rapid transit so visible in its downtown. 

The middle part of the twentieth century saw two subways built under center city, which deflected some routes, and considerable traffic, from the elevated structure.  Further, the demise of two interurbans, and later on, changing employment and demographic patterns significantly affected the intensity of traffic along these tracks. 

But the glorious old structure continues to provide frequent service above Wells, Lake, Wabash and Van Buren around downtown.  As recently as 2006 the rerouting of a Blue Line branch that formerly ran in the Dearborn St. Subway added to the traffic flow.  Five lines use all or part of the Loop during peak hours.  

This photo looks north from the Adams station over Wabash.  The next stop, Madison/Wabash, is close by.  And further beyond the old pedestrian overpass at that station one can see roof portions of the Randolph/Wabash, the second station north.

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Turning West In the Sixties Over Van Buren
Navigating the Loop Platform and Railing Tracks Crossing
Lake St. and River Branch Crossing the River Adams/Wabash
The "L" Above Wabash Brown Line, Snow State St. Subway
Early Morning Waiting, Wet Window Tower 12 and Wabash
Looking North Ivy and Train Over Wabash
Dearborn Subway Train and Glass Lake St. Reflection
Under Lake Buildings Over Van Buren "L" From State St.
Wabash and Buildings Lake and Wells River and Skyline
Buildings by the River Colors on the Pillars Southwest Corner
Autumn, Wells St. Snow Falling, Wabash Wells St. Bridge
Evening, Winter Rain From the Overpass Train Ahead
From Rear Window Pillars Along Wabash Skyscrapers Shimmer
Multiple Signals Straight Ahead Buildings Along Lake
Station Covering, Clark Someday to Ford City? Looking South Over Wabash
Trains Entering the Loop Overpasses Two Trains Over Wabash
Turning onto Van Buren An Older Model Trains at Adams/Wabash
Main Chicago Library Tower 18 Randolph/Wabash
Pigeons and Stairs Looking Up From the Overpass Steps
North from Adams/Wabash Newest Cars in the Fleet Under Madison/Wabash
Waiting, with a Smile Van Buren and Station Peace on Earth
Trees at Van Buren and State Cars, "L" and Buildings Remodeled Station
No Trains In View Urban Canyon Brown Line, Soon North
Leaving the Loop, South Over Wells Pink Cars Over Randolph
Quincy/Wells Leaving Washington/Wells Junction Over Van Buren
Lacey Summer Leaves Over Lake Pink Cars Above
Washington/Wells Ends Turn and New Building
"L" and Subway Entrance River Crossing, Lake St. Merchandise Mart Beyond
Original Station, Restored Leaving Randolph/Wabash Brown Line at Quincy/Wells
Near Dearborn and Lake Pink Line over Wells Full Color at Randolph