The West Side of Chicago is served by three lines, Blue (two prongs), Green and Pink.  From the northwest, Blue Line trains start at O'Hare Airport and go toward downtown along the Kennedy Expy., and then into a stretch of subway near Logan Square that connects into a stretch of several old "L" stations.  Then comes the Dearborn Subway under downtown.  Trains continue out west along the Eisenhower Expy. to Forest Park. 

The Pink and Green Lines use the Loop.  Pink is the newest color in the system.  Despite this distinction, its route is entirely along very old segments of the CTA.  It uses the full Loop clockwise, and runs jointly west from downtown with the Green Line over Lake St.  At Paulina the Pink Line turns south and then joins what was formerly a Blue Line branch to reach 54th/Cermak in Cicero.  The Green Line, which uses two of the four legs of the Loops, stays over or near Lake St., over out to its Harlem/Lake terminal in Oak Park. 

The Blue Line route, and Pink away from the Green -- are successors, replacements for, extensions to or contractions of the lines operated by the old Metropolitan West Side Elevated.  The Green Line west traces its lineage to the former Oak Park Elevated.

The photo on this page shows the portal in the distance that will take our Blue Line train from O'Hare into the subway near downtown.  Frequent signals control proper speed on the long downgrade. 

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Straight Track and Trees Morning Near O'Hare Damen "L" Station
Before It Was Blue Gate Down, Kostner Cicero Street Level
Cicero Ave. Station "L" Under Reconstruction Lake St. "L," West
Just West of the River From the Metra Train At O'Hare
Rail Lines Down Below At Kostner Ave. Reconstruction and Building
Under the "L," Lake St. Switch Along the Old "L" Damen Platform
Sears Tower from Clinton Remnant Above Expressway Median
Cermak Branch Above UP Engines Middle Track Ends
Eisenhower, Oak Park Built for Four Tracks Last Stop Tree and Train
Alleyways California, Inbound Platform California, Outbound
"L" Entrance, California Empty Car Businesses at California
Clinton, Remodeled Steep Structure Distant Skyline
Over Chicago River Connector from Above Wider Tower View