"L" Remnant Above

The then-called Sears Tower dominates the downtown skyline visible from the Eisenhower Expy.  This view is looking down the outbound track of the Blue Line at Medical Center. 

The Pink Line "L" structure above has much history to it.  Prior to the Dearborn subway Logan Square trains came down a long stretch of "L" near Paulina Ave. to join the Garfield Park "L," which was located just south of the current expressway route.  

With the subway rerouting, passenger service on this piece of the "L" ended for decades, but one track was preserved to allow for yard movements and equipment transfer between the Lake St. "L" and what became the 54th/Cermak Branch of the Blue Line.  The Pink Line, with a second track restored, brought back service up above, first on a trial basis in 2006, and then permanently later on. 

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