Image Gallery

SERIES INTRODUCTION Crossing Itself Long Beach From Willow At Pico
Long Beach Afternoon Grand Opening San Pedro St. Heading South Platform Below
Waiting to Cross Urban Vista Turning to Washington Colorful Building Trains Meet
Subway Entrance Blue Line from Green Traffic Waits Blue Line PE Heritage
5th St., Long Beach Trees Matured Anaheim Station Changing Tracks Into Downtown
Approaching Pico Future Junction Curve, from Inside Hand-Painted Ceramics San Pedro Station
Trains on Both Tracks Industry and Commerce A Crowd at Slauson A Pleasant Composition  
Green Line Yards In Redondo Beach Century Freeway Route Norwalk Waiting to Depart
Freeway Median Train Approaching In El Segundo Harbor Freeway Station from Below
Older Bridge Platform Art Terminal from Below    
Pasadena Construction Del Mar, Pasadena Red Signals Hillsides, Highland Park Sunday Morning
Slow Running Future Route Metrolink Activity Motormen Switch Along Marmion Way
Foothill Freeway Elevated Stretch Leaving Union Station City Hall Beyond Lincoln/Cypress
Sierra Madre Villa Ave. Arroyo Seco Near Downtown Pasadena L.A. River Below A Station Remembered
End A Bit of Agriculture Fremont Crossing No Horns No Bells Bronze Statue
Crossing Ahead Former Times Rising to Chinatown South from Fillmore South Pasadena
Inbound from Mission North of Mission Skyline from Chinatown Statue and Businesses Inbound in South Pasadena
From the Parking Structure  Train Approaches Del Mar, System Map Outbound, Oaklawn Ave. Through Buildings
Pasadena Station, Redone Del Mar, Inbound Del Mar, Platform 1 Red Signals Beyond Chinatown Colors
Interior View Mile Marker 0.0 Side View, Union Station Ave. 50 Oaklawn History
Older and Newer Memorial Park One Green Signal Water Flows Artwork, Memorial Park
Two Near Museum From Columbia St. In Bloom First Week of Service Highland Park
MetroRail, Metro Los Angeles River Map, 2008 Del Mar, Sullen Light Pedestrian Warnings
Tall Palm, Mountains Afar Ave. 53 Oaklawn Bridge Above Sensation of Speed Elevated Station
Statue of Tongva Woman Northeast of Chinatown Emerging Below Welcome, Del Mar Leaving Southwest Museum
City Utilities Over City Streets Oaklawn View, 2008 Gates Are Down Double Grade Crossing
Mission & Meridian Allen Parkland Beyond Future Gold Crossing Above
Museum, Inbound From Oaklawn, 2009 Lake Below Astride-Aside from Rear Gates Down, E. Glenarm
Fillmore Art Inbound from Oaklawn Metro Map 2009 Under Freeway Lanes Del Mar Scene
Movement by Yards Replica of Ancient Bell Park Path Atlantic Under Pomona Freeway
Turning Near Little Tokyo View of Downtown South of Union Station Descending by the Park Narrow Roadway
Newer Use Mission Platform 2009 Preview