Pasadena Construction

The Santa Fe route across Pasadena was significantly altered north and east of Colorado Blvd. in the early 1970s.  In conjunction with construction of the I-210 Foothill Freeway, numerous grade crossings were eliminated and the track was relocated to the median of the new artery.  In and near that city's downtown, however, grade  crossings remained, including at Colorado Blvd., a famous and very busy street in a district then grown old and seedy. 

That portion of the old surface right of way was lowered with the coming of the Gold Line.  In this 2001 view construction was taking place to dig under several downtown streets, including Colorado Blvd.  That street is now the focus for an area that has undergone tremendous revitalization.  This part of Pasadena, once very decrepit, is now Old Town, a fun and generally upscale place to stroll through, with numerous shopping and dining opportunities. 

The surface has been paved over, with no obvious evidence of transit activity below in this immediate area.

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