Gold Line

The Gold Line is the newest of the Southland's three light rail lines.  It runs a generally U-shaped route, beginning at Sierra Madre Villa near Pasadena's eastern city limit.  It makes several stops in that city and then goes through South Pasadena, Highland Park and northeast Los Angeles before reaching Chinatown and then Union Station in downtown L.A.  The original line, which opened in 2003, ended here.  In late 2009 six miles were added to the Gold Line, taking it south and east from Union Station to a new terminal in East Los Angeles at Pomona and Atlantic.  This brings the total length of the route to just under 20 miles.

This scene is at Union Station, with the train awaiting passengers for the beginning of a new journey.  L.A.'s old and famous City Hall pokes above the edge of the expansive front window of the second car, vehicle number 232.

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Homes High Above From Oaklawn Bridge, 2009 Lake Below
Sculpture and Train Wider View at E. Glenarm Fillmore Art
Colors on the Platform Metro Map, 2009 At Memorial Park
Tower by Del Mar Movement from the Yard Replica of an Old Bell
From a Park Path Terminal at Atlantic Under the Freeway
Little Tokyo/Arts District First St. Bridge View from Alameda St.
Descent by Historic Park Narrow Roadway New Use
Mission Platform Sill the Future