Blue Line

The Blue Line operates from downtown Los Angeles south to Long Beach on a route that is about 22 miles long.  The underground terminal in L.A., beneath Flower St., is called 7th St./Metro Center; but the train's destination sign reading "Los Angeles" has a more worldly appeal to it. 

Light rail is operated by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which is known as Metro.  The agency also runs the Red and Purple subway lines and an extensive bus system that serves much of the most populous county in the country by far, at close to ten million people.

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Blue Line Crossing Itself Downtown Long Beach At Willow
At Pico Long Beach Afternoon Grand Opening
San Pedro St. Southbound Departed Platform Below
Median, Washington Pico and Downtown Turning Train
Building Ad Meet on Washington Subway Entrance
From the Green Line Traffic Waits Pacific Electric Heritage
Fifth St., Long Beach Trees Matured Anaheim Station
Changing Tracks Into Downtown Approaching Pico
Future Junction Poles and Patriotic Hall Ornate Entrance
San Pedro Station Trains on Both Tracks Industry and Commerce
A Crowd at Slauson A Pleasant Composition