Image Gallery

Church Ave., IRT Station Entrance W and Pipes Canal St. Empty Corridor
5th Ave., Red Cars Jay Street Brooklyn Multiple Choices Manhattan Subway Car  
Crossing Manhattan Br. From the Brooklyn Bridge Over Chinatown Williamsburg Bridge Bridge Crossing
Descending into Brooklyn J on Williamsburg      
Last Stop, Canarsie Middle Track El in Brooklyn Two Levels of El Front Window View
Brighton Line Memories Stairway to the El Culver Remnant 9th Ave., Brooklyn McDonald Ave.
Both Ends of Platform At Coney Island Tracks Crossing Approaching Myrtle Ave. G Line, Last Stop
Park Slope, Brooklyn Broadway Jct. F and G Trains Bridge Structure Switching Back
Trees, Jamaica Line Moving to Center Tracks A Junction, Once Brighton Line, Church Ave. Curve and the Past
At Stillwell Av. Trains in Coney Island F Train in Brooklyn M Line Ends Bay Pkwy.
Distant Bridge Graves and Playground future future future
SERIES INTRODUCTION Near Queensboro Br. Three Tracks in Astoria At Queensboro Plaza Ditmars Blvd.
Into the Tunnel Old Bridge Structure Tunnel, Jamaica End Astoria Scene Bridge and Tunnel
Hell Gate Bridge Above Trains Meet on the J Church by the Elevated Howard Beach Approaching Train
Channel Bridge Future Future Future Future