Thoughts Near Queensboro Bridge

The Queensboro Bridge looms upward, and a small part of Manhattan's skyline is beyond.  Our train dips toward the East River tunnel, signals assuring that our downgrade progress will be slow and controlled. 

Sometimes overlooked by those remembering New York City electric transit history, the last remaining trolley service in New York City ran across this bridge.  My Father -- who was responsible for instilling in me my love of subways and trolleys and railroads -- made sure I had the chance to ride it before it met its demise in 1957.  He took me to other historic locations in those years as well: the Third Ave. El in its last few weeks of life in Manhattan; the IND in the process of taking over the Culver line in Brooklyn and the BMT Fulton St. elevated in Queens; and the Transit Authority's rebuilding of the Long Island Rail Road Rockaway line stand out.  

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