Wall St., Weekdays Only

There are hundreds of entrances to stations in Manhattan.  The one above has a certain functional appeal to it, even as one remembers with considerable nostalgia the old-time kiosks -- now gone, except for isolated ones retained or restored to celebrate the past.  It might be a bit surprising to see trees in Lower Manhattan; a small, very old cemetery is on the other side of the fence. 

In 2007 work began anew on construction on a small portion of the 2nd Ave. subway, a project which has been proposed, on and off, for about eighty years.  Some work had been done on sections of such a line in the 1970s, before the city's immense financial crises caused termination. 

The new line, as planned, will go from 125th St. down to Lower Manhattan as a two-track local route.  It will be built in four phases, with the first, in progress, having three new stations at 96th St., 86th St., and 72nd St.  A connection to the existing 63rd St. tunnel will funnel traffic into the existing Q line on the West Side, and then  over the Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn.   

Construction is underway for another major Manhattan project, the extension of the 7 Line, the old IRT Flushing route, west and then south from Times Square to a new terminal near the Hudson River, an area to undergo massive redevelopment.

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