Image Gallery - I

Muni Subway In the Shadows Soon To Open Subway Station West Portal
Different Levels Subway, Tunnel and Portals Forest Hill Station Once Laguna Honda Expansion
Quiet Hours Looking Below Distant Outbound Train Into Twin Peaks Tunnel Locations
Castro Surface of Market St.      
Entering the Loop Church and Duboce Out of the Tunnel Shadow and Sun Near UCSF
Inbound at the Loop Another Loop View A Favorite Corner Waiting Near the Terminal Along Carl
On City Streets Exiting the Subway N-Judah Sunset West Portal Light Rail and Trolleybus
Blocks Along Duboce Almost Springtime Along Carl St. Tower Beyond Carl Two Trains on Carl
Meet on Irving From High Above Upgrade Storage Tracks A.D. 1926
Ocean in the Distance East Portal Switch Near the End Presbyterian Church Night Sounds
Street Car Turning Judah Turn 9th and Irving Into Sunset Tunnel Turnback Track
Very Short Stretch Final Turn Up from the Pacific Blocking the Sidewalk Simple Stations
Judah Residences Raised Right of Way Tight, Tight Curves Inbound Along Duboce Looping
Tunnel Surroundings Inner Sunset Blocks To Go Nearby Campus Motel and Memories
Hillside Beyond Three Tracks Carl, Late Afternoon Proof of Payment Leaving 9th Ave.
Two Trains on 9th Blue House Trees Along Duboce One Long Block Evening
Up Ulloa Turning South Single Track Ends Ocean Beyond Single Track, Later View
Terminal Stop L-Taraval Single Track North on 46th Right on Taraval
Down 46th Ave. From the Front End High Point Looking Down Taraval Leaving West Portal
Preparing to Turn Switching Tracks Two Trains Meet Commercial District At the Terminal
A Distant Ocean Final Turn Onto 46th Ave. Winter Along Ulloa Motel, Later View
Marks in the Pavement Heading Up Ulloa      
SERIES INTRODUCTION Junction By Backyards Near SF State W. Portal Ave.
St. Francis Wood Inbound, First Stop Looping at Balboa Park Near St. Francis Circle Geneva Yard
Interior Green Light Rail Center Stopping at Ocean Ave. Along West Portal Ave. Cars in Storage
Geneva Yard Junction Ahead Tree Along Junipero Serra Trees by the Sidewalk Different Levels
Stopping Southbound K and M Lines Sunday Morning Business District Evening Comes
St. Francis Wood On Ocean Ave. Late Afternoon Evening Approaching West Portal
Ocean and Santa Ana Long Shadows North of Ocean Ave. Train Crossing Onto Ocean Ave.
Randolph and Arch Danger No Trespassing Junction Beyond Side View, W. Portal Ave. Arching