To and From the Subway

Routes J-Church and N-Judah are the first two outbound lines to leave the Muni Metro subway to the southwest.  There is a very short stretch of private right of way before each line heads off on its own.  In this view the N-Judah comes west toward the camera and Duboce Ave., and outbound J-Church executes a sharp turn onto its namesake street.  The switch, barely visible, branching away to the farther left leads to a small lay-up yard; it was once part of a busy connection to the surface tracks on Market St. 

The inbound N-Judah train pictured here is about to descend sharply to enter the subway.  It must duck beneath the outbound underground track that is heading for Twin Peaks Tunnel.

There is normally a delightful amount of human activity to be found walking, running, biking, or milling about on the streets of San Francisco.  It is often difficult to get a photograph without the presence of people nearby. 

Additional photos from this area appear in both the N-Judah and J-Church sections. 

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