Arches over the Station

West Portal is a busy station which marks the transition between surface running and the much quicker underground portion of Muni into downtown.  Trains emerging into the daylight here on the K-Ingleside, L-Taraval and M-Ocean View lines have come through the full Muni Metro subway and then the two and one quarter mile Twin Peaks Tunnel. 

Once outdoors, the K-Ingleside and M-Ocean View lines continue more or less straight beyond in this view, and L-Taraval turns sharply to the right onto Ulloa St.  It was common in the earlier years of the Muni Metro subway -- the era of the Boeing-Vertol car -- for trains made up of units from some or all of the three lines to join here inbound, or to uncouple, outbound. 

There are additional photos from the area in the sections devoted to the K and M lines, and to L-Taraval.

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