K-Ingleside and M-Ocean View

After emerging from the Muni Metro subway and Twin Peaks Tunnel, the K-Ingleside and M-Ocean View travel along West Portal Ave. for just over half a mile.  At that point the lines separate, each taking a different route to separate terminals at or near Balboa Park.

The inbound train in this view is about to cross Ulloa St., just before it reaches West Portal.  The tracks to the lower left are used by the L-Taraval, turning to and from the left, West Portal. 

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Crossing the Junction Backyard Running San Francisco State
Neighborhood Shops Inbound Onto West Portal First Stop, M-Ocean View
Two Levels Soon To Turn Looping at Geneva Yard
Proof of Payment Green Transit Center Private Right of Way
West Portal Ave. Weekend Storage Geneva Yard
Short Stretch St. Francis Wood Junipero Serra Blvd.
Leaving from Balboa Park Coming South Junction, Sunday Morning
Businesses Evening St. Francis Wood
On Ocean Ave. Late Afternoon Approaching West Portal
Darkness Comes Rear Window on Ocean Ave. Long Shadows
North of Ocean Ave. Shopping District Onto Ocean Ave.
Randolph and Arch Looping at Geneva Barn Junction Approach
Side View, West Portal Ave. Arching, West Portal