Stairs and Escalator

The full name of the system, San Francisco Municipal Railway, has an old-fashioned charm to it; in fact, San Francisco was the earliest major city in the country -- in 1912 -- to establish municipal ownership for at least a portion of its transportation system. 

This view is from street level, Market St. near California St.  The stairway and ascending escalator serve the Embarcadero station for Muni and BART.  This was once very busy streetcar territory for competing systems operating along Market: Muni and Market Street Railway.  But for several decades before the coming of the subway no rails ran along these blocks.  Service was truncated from the the earlier loop ending by the Ferry Building, and the remaining routes executed a street-running loop to access Transbay Transportation Terminal, several blocks ahead and to the left.

F-line historic service serves the surface route now.  One of their PCCs is rather indistinctly visible in the background, with two Muni buses appearing closer to the camera.

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