N-Judah is the busiest of the Muni light rail routes.  It leaves the subway midway to the southwest, and then travels generally west, including a stretch in the Sunset Tunnel, under a steep hill above. 

This photo is at the outbound terminal loop, Ocean Beach.  The waters of the Pacific are just a short walk away, behind the camera.  Three trains are in sight.  The one to the right is just beginning its inbound journey, and its further movement will permit the two other trains to progress. 

This section proceeds first with a selection of some 33 images, presented in order generally west from the subway portal near Church and Duboce back out to this terminal area.  After that some further pages will provide additional photos from various areas along the way.    

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Boeing-Vertol Vehicles Duboce Junction Out of the Tunnel
Sunlight and Shadows Near UC San Francisco Leaving the Loop
Into the Loop Crossing Church Nearing Ocean Beach
Inbound on Carl Onto Carl Exiting the Subway
West Portal LRV and Electric Bus Street Running on Duboce
Nearly Spring Descent to the Portal Giant Antenna
Two Trains on Carl Trains Meet on Irving From High Above
Uphill on Judah Yard Tracks Constructed in 1926
A Distant Ocean East Portal Switch Near the End
Church Along Judah Night Sounds Street Car Turning
Turning from Judah 9th and Irving Into Sunset Tunnel
Turnback Track Short Stretch on Arguello Final Sharp Turn
Up from the Ocean Across the Sidewalk Simple Platforms
Blocks Along Judah Raised Right of Way Tight Curves
Looking Inbound Along Duboce Looping at Ocean Beach Tunnel and Surroundings
Inner Sunset Blocks To Go Campus Beyond
Motel and Memories Hillside Beyond Three Tracks
2nd and Carl Winter Evening Leaving 9th Ave.
Along 9th Ave. Blue House Trees Along Duboce
One Block Along 9th Ave. Evening, Duboce and Church