South Lake Union Line

Seattle Streetcar's South Lake Union Line began operation in December, 2007.  Much of the 1.3-mile route travels along traffic lanes on city streets.  It connects the retail heart of downtown with the growing South Lake Union district, passing through the Belltown and Denny Triangle neighborhoods along the way.  Proponents hope that it will be the first of several similar routes serving different parts of the city.

There are seven stations in each direction.  The system's fleet consists of three cars, each painted in a different base color: red, orange and purple.  In normal operation two are in service, and one is a spare. 

In this view an inbound run is crossing 7th Ave., close to the last stop, in center city at Westlake Hub Pacific Place Station.

Links to Individual Pages:
Turning Onto Westlake Old and New Rails Private Right of Way
Switch Point Space Needle Old Rails Remain
Route Map Two Streetcars Construction and Monorail
Street Construction Looking Toward Downtown Streetcar Sponsorship
Toward Lake Union Inbound on Westlake Monorail Above
Entering the Single Track Crossing Denny Way Made by Inekon
Looking Below Westlake & Denny One Block on Thomas
Northern Ending Cars on Both Tracks Pacific Place Station
Maintenance Facility Test Passengers Later View Inbound
Crossing Valley St. Ceremonies Shortly Orange Car
Transit Operations Near Aloha St. Urban Clutter
Fairview Ave. N. Skyline from the North Streetcar Signal
Look for Streetcar Former Times Curving on Thomas
Downtown End Private Right of Way, Green To Single Track
Westlake & Thomas Streetcars on Westlake Trees in Full Leaf
1010 Valley End of the Line Outbound, Springtime
Arrivals All Three Cars Lake Union
Curves onto Westlake Downtown Crosswalks Do Not Enter
Westlake & 7th Westlake Hub Westlake Square Park
Still Embedded Terry & Thomas, Later By Lake Union Park
Multiple Construction Cranes Future Employer From Thomas to Terry
Streetcar Receded Curving Away