Former Times

Seattle's early era of streetcar service ceased just before World War II.  More than four decades later, a line was established along the downtown waterfront, and then extended to the International District.  Many popular tourist locations were accessible to the route.  It ran vintage equipment from Melbourne, Australia.  Significant funding was spent to upgrade the line, including installation of concrete ties.  The Waterfront Streetcar has been out of service since 2005.  The future of the 1.6 mile route remains unsettled; a new maintenance facility has to be selected, funded and built before service can resume, among other issues. 

That line had a Metro route number of 99 (which substitute free bus service now uses). This view from the summer of 1982 shows a car at the Broad Street Terminal, the northern end of the line.  That area has been transformed by the Seattle Art Museum's Olympic Sculpture Park, which is what caused the line's demise.  An overpass for art viewers and others just enjoying the urban scene spans the busy BNSF rails, closer to the camera, in this immediate vicinity.

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