Westlake and 6th Ave.

The last page in the series features a photo taken from a location not far from that for the first page, but the camera is pointed at a different angle.  Crosswalks for Westlake Ave. and 6th Ave. meet near the foreground.  The red streetcar is crossing 6th, having started another outbound run. 

Funding is in place for the city's second route, the First Hill Streetcar; construction is set to begin in 2011.  First Hill is an area adjacent to downtown that was originally to receive a subway station along Central Link Light Rail on its extension from downtown to the University of Washington.  Plans changed because of potential construction issues and cost considerations.  The streetcar route will connect this area, replete with hospitals and health-related facilities, with both Chinatown/International District and Pioneer Square, and the future Capitol Hill light rail station.  The two city streetcar lines will not be connected.

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