F-line Historic Streetcar Service

Regular Muni light rail routes are more than a quarter-century removed from their surface running through downtown.  And PCC units are long gone from the lines that utilize the subway.   But that distinguished old class of cars, and surface running along Market St., thrive on the reborn F-Market & Wharves Historic Streetcar Line. 

Although there was earlier historic streetcar service on Market in the 1980s, the F-line (as it is commonly called) as a regular feature dates to 1995.  With later expansion of the route, it travels from the Castro District through downtown, and then does a series of jogs to head along The Embarcadero, and eventually onto other surface streets to the west, through the Fisherman's Wharf area. 

Full runs traverse, leisurely, a distance of nearly six miles, the longest historic streetcar route in the country.  There are close to thirty stops -- and it can take up to an hour or so to go from end end to end, depending on traffic conditions.   

The car in this scene is turning off Market onto Steuart St., close to the Ferry Building.  There are also other, and older, kinds of equipment in use on the line.

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Castro, a Sunny Day PCC at Castro Terminal Three Cars Waiting
Milan Car Downtown Lower Market St. At Fisherman's Wharf
Ending the Day Market St. PCC Bright Red-Orange
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Market St., View Training Car Former Routing
Along 17th St. Piloting the Boat Tram Waiting Its Turn
A Strange Vehicle Morning, Inbound Downtown View
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Crossing Market St. Car 1060, Inbound Median, The Embarcadero
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Multiple Turns Car 130 Side of the Trolley
Leaving The Embarcadero Ferry Building Along Steuart
One Way Running Gates by the Mint Turnback Tracks
Palms Line the Tracks Honoring the Pacific Electric Tourist District
At Mission St. Outbound Crosses Inbound Downtown Streets
Short Stretch Long Line Boarding Mission Turn
Three Levels, Electric Rail Boeing-Vertol, Forlorn Waiting on The Embarcadero
Car 1811 at Castro Three Cars Looping Along Steuart St.
Southern Pacific Building Readying To Turn Outbound at Van Ness
Bay Bridge from Afar Golden Gate Beyond Turning onto Beach St.
Onto Steuart, Briefly From Museum Market and Main
Downtown Towers Turnback Track, Pier 39 Once a Turn
Shopping District Beach St. Ending Former Trackage
By the Museum Coit Tower, Beyond Statue to Mechanics
Formerly Turning Outbound At Spear St. Crossing Drumm
Onto The Embarcadero Church and 17th Awaiting Restoration
Toward the Ferry Building Stockton Tourism and Traffic