The J-Church travels a varied route between Embarcadero and Balboa Park.  It leaves the Muni Metro subway to the southwest of downtown along with the N-Judah at Duboce Ave., and then quickly turns off from the other line, south onto Church St.  The most intriguing part, at least to this rider, is beyond the Castro District, where its moves off its namesake street for a stretch of private right of way, first along an edge of Mission Dolores Park and then over twisting and steep grades through Dolores Heights. The route then regains street running along Church before curving onto 30th St. for a newer portion of the line that takes it to San Jose Ave. and out to the terminal. 

In this view an inbound train is about to begin the downgrade at 21st St., on the off-street portion of the route. Road signs warn against entry and trespassing. 
The train is passing a very carefully maintained and handsome San Francisco house -- an object that has surely been in the composition of many photographs of other passing transit lovers.  This home appears on several more pages in this section.

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An Earlier Era Side of the House Private Right of Way
Another 1970s View By Mission Dolores Park North from the Park
From the Front End PCC Days Through the Park
Park and Reserved Way Bright Lights in the Park PCC, Rear View
South of Market St. Paul's Church Inbound on Church
In the Cut Many Wires Grassy Right of Way
 Heritage Car Follows Along Church Curves and Grade
End of Church Arch in the Park Springtime Coming
Turning East Reserved Running Turnback Track
View Down Church Nearing Highest Point From the Sidewalk
Overpasses Side of the Car Distant Skyline
Southbound in the Park Lines Crossing Turning onto Church, Evening
Avoiding a Hill Bound for Center City Evening Meet
Uphill, Dolores Park House and LRV, 2007 Park, Inbound
Fog and Church St. Onto Private Right of Way Off Church St.