T-Third is Muni's newest light rail route, extending the network into neighborhoods that had not seen electric surface rail in more than sixty years.  Trains are through-routed with the K-Ingleside.  Toward the older territory units change route identification at Embarcadero.  Heading for the newer route, the change takes place at West Portal.  It's an unusual arrangement, likely without parallel anywhere else in the country.

The T-Third portion comes out into the open in the median of The Embarcadero, a block or two south of the Ferry Building.  That broad roadway leads into King St.  At 4th & King, near the Caltrain station, the route veers off onto a two-street jog to reach its long run down 3rd St.  It eventually turns for a final brief run on Bayshore Blvd. to its Sunnydale terminal, located virtually at the southern city line. 

The photo on this page is from along 3rd St. on the second weekend of T-Third operation early in 2007.  AT&T Stadium and parts of center city are visible in the distance.  The immediate area, called Mission Bay/UCSF, is in the process of a huge transformation in land use, from warehouses and industry to educational facilities, business and technology parks, and high-rise and other residences.

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