Free Rail Zone
Original Downtown Route

The pages in this first of four Free Rail Zone segments focus on the original MAX route through center city Portland.  Images shown will shift fairly frequently among various locations along the way.  Many scenes, including this one, present the line along SW and NW 1st Ave., blocks near the Willamette River with many historic buildings adjacent or nearby.   Numerous other photos show MAX as it progresses generally east-west through downtown, with each direction of travel passing along a one-way street. 

The location here is at SW Oak St., the last station southbound before car #302 will turn off onto SW Morrison St. into the heart of downtown.  Car #211 (an older model) is headed for Steel Bridge, and then to the long Eastside run out to Gresham.

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Downtown, Chilly Day In Old Town To City Center
Passing Old Buildings Turning, and Reflections Systems Meet
Curving Off Storefronts and Trees Automobile-Free Access
Switches on SW Morrison Intricate Crossing Burnside Overpass
Downtown Turnback Crossing Tracks Skidmore Fountain
Occupying the Loop Track Joining on SW Yamhill Trees and Flowers
SW Morrison at SW 10th Red Line Downtown Leaves Falling
Leafy Passage Looking Down from Burnside Curve Along SW 1st Ave.
Springtime Leaf Complex Equipment Portland Saturday Market
Two Trains on SW 1st SW Oak/SW 1st Greenery on SW Yamhill
Wrong-Way Switch Onto SW 1st Pioneer Square
A Quiet Moment Central Library Activity in Pioneer Square
Red Line Close-Up Switch Point Pioneer Square South
Colonnade Flowers for Sale Yamhill District
Middle of the Train Mall/SW 5th Ave. Heading Off
Skidmore Fountain Building The Fountain Construction Across Yamhill
City Center Tracks Join Construction Zone By SW Park St.
Dipping Under Construction Ahead Trains in the Distance
Animal Art Fountain and Skyscraper Beyond the Switch
Beyond the Streetcar Switch Overhead Passageway Track Construction Continues
Street Closure Pioneer Place Evening, Yamhill District
Under Burnside Bridge Switch Along SW 1st Bus Shuttle
Weekend Crowds Pioneer Courthouse Beyond Fountain, Inbound
Vintage Trolley Transit History Preserved Colonnade
Rise and Drop Library, Another View Downtown Change
Curve and Puddles Trees, 2009 Pioneer Square, Rails Cross
Waning Days, Yellow Line Early Ending Pioneer Square North
Crossing Near Courthouse Autumn Color, SW Morrison