Free Rail Zone
East of the Willamette

After crossing Steel Bridge eastbound, the Yellow Line diverges from the other three MAX routes at the first cross street to the north.  There are four stations in the Free Rail Zone for the joint running of the Blue, Red and Green Lines.  On its own, the Yellow Line has but one stop so located, along the median of N Interstate Ave., by the location of the camera at the time of this image.

The territory east of the river, which contains Oregon Convention Center, the Rose Garden Arena, numerous hotels and office buildings, and the large Lloyd Center shopping complex, was not originally part of the original Fareless Square.  It was added into free territory in 2001, well into the MAX era.

The distinctive spires of the convention center are in the background.  And a two car train passes along the original MAX Eastside route.

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Future Service North Lloyd District Bridge and Industry
Freeway Above Near Steel Bridge Meeting Near Rose Quarter
Three Tracks Vintage Trolley Rails Rose Garden Arena
Holladay Park 11th Ave. Terminal Convention Center
Descent from Steel Bridge Switches in Lloyd District Bridge Approach
Along NE Holladay St. NE 7th Ave. Shelter, Convention Center
Freeway Thoughts Thick Leaf Painted Over
Departed Train Circular Art Approaching Rose Quarter
Rose Quarter Eastbound Trains at NE 11th Ave. Inbound, Lloyd District
Canopy, NE 7th Ave. Next Trains Out Two Trains, Rose Garden
Vintage Trolley, Turning Rail Map, 2009 Bus Transfers
Convention Center Afar Outside the Park Outbound on NE Holladay
More Circular Art Vintage Trolley, Inbound Bright Lights
See Portland by Trolley At the Controls Vintage Trolley Terminal
Rise With Us New Vehicles An August Morning
LRVs, Rose Quarter