Vintage Trolley

MAX has for some years now operated a service on Sunday afternoons during much of the year that attempts to replicate much of the feel of riding streetcars of old.  In cooperation with a non-profit agency called Vintage Trolley, Inc., the line presents a fine (and free, donations accepted) experience.  The cars are not original equipment from a much earlier time, but rather were built by the Gomaco Trolley Company, of Iowa, provider of heritage cars also to other cities, such as Tampa and Memphis.  The Portland cars were designed to look, as much as possible, similar to old J.C. Brill cars that were part of the Portland trolley scene until midway through the last century.

Until 2009 the Vintage Trolley route went from Lloyd Center on the Eastside, then across Steel Bridge, and to City Center, utilizing the turnback area between SW Morrison St. and SW Yamhill St.  That location, scene of this photo, was not otherwise accessible to MAX passengers, but people on the Vintage Trolley were invited to stay on board, if they wished, as the car switched directions.  This photographer so wished.  The two-person crew relaxed in the back while the car waited for its next run.

Vintage Trolley still exists, but now services the Portland Mall route.  And thus a scene like this is no longer possible to photograph in normal operation.

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