Image Gallery

SERIES INTRODUCTION Skyscrapers Reversing at Fort Snelling City Hall Metrodome
Bumper Skirting the Stadium Dual Platforms VA Medical Center Inbound, Cedar-Riverside
Onto Minnehaha Ave. Nicollet Mall Decorative Wall Downtown East Elevated Station
From Lake Street/Midtown Rising Up Trail by the Right of Way Quiet Afternoon Government Plaza
Fan in the Cab Street Crossing Middle Track Downtown East Mile Marker 4.1
At Fort Snelling Lake Street/Midtown Switch Downtown By the Sidewalk Yard Track
Skyway System At the Terminal Opening Day On the Middle Track Trains at Cedar-Riverside
Warehouse District Two Trains Aboveground Overhead Running Turning by the Metrodome Leafy Street
Side Paint From the Sidewalk 35th St. Crossing Hubert Humphrey Along Hiawatha Ave.
Pedestrian Signals Sunshine, East Downtown Side View Older Houses Power Supply
Downtown Activity Passengers Discharged Grain Elevators Reflected Sunshine Skyline and Surroundings
Red Signal Southbound North of Cedar-Riverside Beyond VA Medical Ctr. Do Not Stop on Tracks Station Art
Interior Descending Riverside Yard Car and Skyline Vivid Blue Car
Framing the Statue Future Plans At the Terminal Two Trains Near the Mall Near 28th Avenue
Colors, Fort Snelling U.S. Bank Place In the Subway Metrodome Main Airport Terminal
Leaving the Mall Approaching the Mall Enclosed by Glass Bloomington Central Photos
28th Avenue The Mall Beyond Vertical Lines Humphrey Terminal Cemetery Beyond
Curve Near Outer End City Hall Health Services Fort Snelling, Later Pink and Blue Cars
Plantings Alongside 28th Ave. Entering the Mall    
Various Paint Schemes Archway Design Nearing the Terminal Heading into Downtown Short Tunnel
50th St./Minnehaha Park Billowing Stadium Color at the Terminal Skyline View Waiting, Outbound
Intricate Advertising Look