Hiawatha Line

In mid-2004 Minneapolis and vicinity joined the list of American metropolitan areas operating electric light rail transit.  The Hiawatha Line runs over twelve miles between downtown and Bloomington to the south, where its terminal is at the nation's largest shopping center, Mall of America.  Two stations serve the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport along the way. 

There are a total of eighteen stops on the single route, with one further intermediate one under construction.  The line is operated by Metro Transit, which also runs the area's comprehensive bus network and Northstar commuter rail service.

This series will take a quick tour outbound, then come back to downtown to start a much more leisurely review out to the Mall, and will end back in the heart of town.  The train in this view is not far from reaching the former Minneapolis end of the line at Warehouse District/Hennepin Avenue. 
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Skyscrapers Reversing at Fort Snelling City Hall
Nearing the Metrodome Bumper, City End Curving Rails
Government Plaza VA Medical Center Cedar-Riverside
Onto Minnehaha Ave. Ornate Station Design Front Window View
Trail by the Tracks Colored Panels Elevated Infrastructure
From Below Mile Marker 1.7 Along Quiet Minnehaha Ave.
Downtown Scene Through the Cab Street Crossing
Middle Track Downtown East Right of Way
At Fort Snelling Looking Southward Downtown Terminal
Alongside Hiawatha Ave. Yard Track Along S. 5th St.
Terminal, Downtown End Celebrating Opening Day Waiting to Return
Two Trains at Station Warehouse District Two Trains in the Air
Overhead Running Near the Metrodome Trees on Minnehaha Ave.
South of Downtown Destination Minneapolis Hiawatha Ave. Traffic
Yard Track Curves Off Inbound Along Hiawatha Pedestrian Crossing
Sunshine, Summer Evening Profile, Above-Ground Houses on Minnehaha Ave.
Power Supply, Downtown Downtown Activity Passengers Discharged
Grain Elevators Soon to Depart Skyline View
Red Signal Outbound South, Cedar-Riverside VA Medical Center, South
Crossing S. 32nd St. Bird Art Interior View
Crossing the Overpass From Franklin Avenue Buildings and Train
Entering the Curve Looking at the Statue Anticipating the Future
End of the Line Trains Outside the Mall Approaching 28th Avenue
Center Track, Colorful Train U.S. Bank Place Main Airport Terminal
Metrodome Airport-Lindbergh Terminal Leaving Mall of America
Approaching the Mall Enclosed by Glass Bloomington Central
Photos by the Escalator 28th Avenue Mall Ahead
Vertical Lines The Painted Hand Cemetery Beyond
Curve Near Outer End In Front of City Hall Health Services
Now a Way-Station Vivid Colors Plantings
Alongside 28th Ave. S. Into the Mall Do Not Cross Tracks
Fountain in the Plaza Different Paint Schemes Patterns on the Arches
Nearing Downtown Terminal Heading into Downtown Under Minnehaha Pkwy.
50th Street/Minnehaha Park Curving Near the Metrodome Beyond the End
Skyscrapers Nearby Warehouse District-Hennepin Intricate Advertising