Downtown Ahead

For approximately two decades after the Muni Metro subway began, all lines ended at Embarcadero under downtown, not far from the foot of Market St.  San Francisco's history has been, of course, significantly impacted by earthquakes, and 1989's Loma Prieta quake left its own share of major consequences.  With an immensely intrusive elevated freeway damaged, and later demolished, The Embarcadero was ripe for reshaping and renewal.  The southern portion has carried light rail along a reserved median extended from the subway out through the burgeoning South Beach neighborhood since early 1998. 

The image on this page is at the first stop above-ground outbound, Folsom.  At the time of the photo N-Judah trains alone were plying these tracks, as far south as to the stop by the Caltrain depot.

Some of the major Financial District skyscrapers are visible a few blocks beyond. 

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