Ball Park

The San Francisco Giants' AT&T Park dates to 2000.  (In its fairly short life it has borne three names, formerly SBC Park, and before that Pacific Bell Park.)  It has been wildly successful, both for the team, and for its effect on the great transformation of this portion of the city south of Market St. 

The five stops from Folsom to 4th & King came into service in 1998.  For most of its earlier time until 2007 this route was operated as part of the N-Judah line.  With the coming of T-Third, that other line was truncated to its former Embarcadero terminal, and the J-Church provided peak-period service.  That arrangement proved unsatisfactory, and the terminals for the two older lines were reverted to those before T-Third.

The train in this photo is heading toward downtown.  Next stop is 2nd & King, which serves great baseball crowds on game days.

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