Image Gallery

SERIES INTRODUCTION Before Opening Terminal Station Pedestrians and Transit One Way Downtown
Four-Car Train Alkali Flat/La Valentina Downtown, Later On North on 12th St. At Watt/I-80
Turn by Downtown Plaza At 16th, Outbound Station Art, Meadowview Glimpse, Front Window CAF Vehicles
Overhead Power 12th & I Crossing I St. K St. Shopping Crossing the UP
At Florin St. Rose of Lima Park Near 16th St. Private Right of Way Quiet Morning
Turn at 12th and K Where Rails Once Ran Bumper, Folsom Crossing Butterfield Crossing the UP
Joining Up Corner, 7th and K Sts. Single Track on H St. Finishing Touches Trees Along O St.
Terminal, Amtrak Abreast Various Prohibitions Leaving the Terminal Passengers Must Exit 8th and K Sts.
Heading to Folsom Caution Signal Side View, Terminal Beyond J St. Turning onto K St.
At Butterfield Two Trains, Sunrise Capitol Parkway Freight Below Short Distance, 12th St.
At Historic Folsom Yard Tracks Beyond Overpass and Winter Sun Outbound on O St. State Capitol
Turning Toward Downtown Beyond 9th St. Roadwork Ahead Gate Down Junction from the West
Skyscraper Redevelopment Crossing S St. Hard Rock Café