Downtown to South Hills Junction

Gateway, location of this image, is the downtown terminal for the light rail, and is one of three subway stations.  Next stop out is Wood St., and then comes Steel Plaza, after which the line comes out into the open.  There is then an additional stop downtown near the river before the route crosses the Monongahela on Panhandle Bridge.  Most trains -- all but the few peak-period Allentown runs -- twist off the bridge descent on the South Side to reach busy Station Square, after which comes the Mt. Washington tunnel and then South Hills Junction.

The subway routing dates back to 1985; it  was constructed as part of a massive modernization of the city's remaining, very diminished, rail system.  Prior to its opening trolleys utilized surface running through downtown to make a broad circuit along busy city streets

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On Panhandle Bridge Outbound at the Junction Into the Tunnel
Distant Diverging Routes Bridge Just Ahead Single Platform
Sharp Turn Out of the Tunnel Lines Part Very Limited Service
Flowers Near Station Square Hazy Noontime Wall Art
On the Bridge South Hills Junction Exterior, Gateway Station
First of Two Trains First Ave. View of the Bridge
Further Into the Turn View of Crossing Rails System Map
Commerce Under the Bridge Subway, Steel Plaza Complex Trackwork
Approaching the Bridge Up from Penn Station Station Square
Bridge, River and Tracks First Ave. Station Arriving at First Ave.