Very Complex Trackwork

This view presents another and clearer image of the complicated trackwork north of the station at South Hills Junction.  Most runs travel to the left ahead, but the Port Authority also maintains emergency bypass trackage that can serve the lines to and from South Hills Village and Library in the event the Mt. Washington tunnel needs to be closed.  Those tracks, which veer to the right in the photo, go from South Hills Junction up to the Allentown neighborhood, and then continue down a long grade along Arlington Ave. to rejoin the main routes on the Panhandle Bridge. 

Limited regular passenger service is provided on the lesser-used route in the form of the 52 Allentown line, which operates just a handful of runs in each direction during morning and afternoon peak periods.  The route also handles two Beechview trains a day, one in each direction in the morning and in the afternoon.  Going through Allentown is a short and interesting ride, described further on in this series.

The tracks to the lower right serve  the South Hills Junction terminal for the 52 Allentown trains.  A very few trains go to and from South Hills Village via Allentown, and utilize the tracks crossing across the photo from lower left to upper right.    

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