This next section in the Pittsburgh series is devoted to the Beechview route between South Hills Junction and the rejoining of the lines in Castle Shannon.  Beechview presents a much more old-time and appealing feel to its run than the alternate way south, the greatly renovated Overbrook line.  Trains pass through a variety of settings, including joint bus-train transitway, street operation, several viaducts over the undulating landscape, and along the private right of way pictured here that slices through the community of Dormont. 

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Angling Right of Way Broad Gauge Curves
On Broadway Ave. By Potomac Waiting to Board
Flowers and Barrier Do Not Enter House by the Right of Way
Street Crossing Signals Are Red Approaching Castle Shannon
Readying to Merge Truck Follows Outbound, Castle Shannon
Above the Street Quiet Saturday Morning Inconspicuous Right of Way
Growth in the Roadbed