Image Gallery

SERIES INTRODUCTION Turning Westbound 1300 Block Predawn S. Temple End of Trackage
Leaving Fast Running Cab View, Fog Uphill to U of U Sandy, Dramatic Sky Stadium, Between Runs
Turning Onto 400 S. Sandy, Morning Fog Red Signals Olympics Reminder Into Downtown
Nearing Stadium Freight Line Joins Main St. Historic Sandy Crossing and Industry
Six Minutes Construction Center of 400 S. Leaving Stadium Traffic Priority
South of Downtown In the Street Waiting at Sandy Old Downtown Stadium Crossover
Downhill Curve and Trees Main Library Turns Ahead By the Stadium
Brigham Young Statue Autumn Glare 900 South Union Pacific Bumper Removed
New Tracks, 200 South Pedestrian Bridge New Grand Hotel Trains Turning Bumpers, University Line
S. Campus Drive Campus Stops Near Medical Center Terminal Station Haze and Mountains
3900 South Rails Turn Rails in Pavement Gateway District Stacks of Books
Poles Downtown To Salt Lake City Three-Car Train Station Art Shadows Downtown
Construction Downtown Red, White and Blue Space for Lease Fort Douglas Traffic Circle
Medical Facilities Gallivan Plaza Main St. Northbound