Portland Streetcar

The Portland Streetcar represents the first application in this country of a revived concept in electric rail transit -- a line operating modern vehicles, running mostly intermixed with city street traffic, and at distinctly modest speeds, with frequent stations, serving the urban core and nearby areas: all characteristics of trolley lines from many decades ago. 

The Streetcar is owned by the City of Portland, but it is operated by TriMet, the agency that provides MAX light rail and area buses.  The route is over three miles each way, extending northwest and southeast from downtown.

The  line travels primarily along city streets on a route that is about three and one-half  miles in each direction.  It runs through downtown generally north-south, at right angles to the MAX route. 

This scene is in the center city, and the car that has just passed is heading for NW 23rd Ave.  Streetcars heading in the other direction, destined for S. Waterfront, run parallel a block away to the left, along SW 11th Ave.  The "wrong-way" switch in view connects with the westbound MAX track that runs on SW Morrison St. 

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Pearl, Northbound Onto SW Mill Near the Armory
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Redevelopment Continues