Curving Rails

The Portland Streetcar brochure delineates the various neighborhoods and districts that the line passes through: Northwest Portland, Pearl, Downtown, Portland State, RiverPlace and South Waterfront.  This series next presents one image from each of these areas before it returns for a more leisurely record of the line, generally northwest to southeast.

Until its southern portion streetcar activity is mostly intermingled with city street traffic.  The
still-new state of the lane repaving is apparent in this view from 2001.  Having just left the terminal station along NW 23rd Ave., the car is preparing to do a little wiggle so it can be appropriately angled to turn onto NW Lovejoy St. 

It is early evening along this trendy street, and the many nearby restaurants are beginning to fill.  This particular section of Northwest Portland is more particularly identified as Nob Hill.