Downtown San Diego and the area adjacent to the east are virtually encircled -- or, more correctly, triangulated -- by trolley service.  The Orange Line terminates at 12th & Imperial Transit Center, at the southeastern edge.  Its outbound runs then head generally northwest, parallel to San Diego Bay, up to its junction with the Blue Line near Santa Fe Depot.   

The two inbound lines then enter American Plaza, and head onto the original route, due east on reserved lanes of C St.  The tracks then turn south along Park Blvd., and reach 12th & Imperial Transit Center.  For the Orange Line, its the second time it's been in this vicinity, only a few feet away from its initial station, but it is nine stops later on its runs.

Service radiates from downtown in three directions.  After 12th & Imperial the Blue Line goes southerly to San Ysidro/Tijuana, and the Orange Line goes east and then north and east to El Cajon.  From Santa Fe Depot the Blue Line continues generally north, still in downtown for a bit, and up to Old Town Transit Center.  In this view the Orange Line train is just about to join with Blue Line tracks, which are curving in from the stop at Santa Fe Depot.

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