Green Line

The Green Line runs along a nineteen-station route from Old Town east through Mission Valley, and then northeast to Santee Town Center.  The line's history is unusual in that the middle portion of the route, the part between Mission San Diego and Grossmont Transit Center, is its newest section.  The western part of the line was formerly served by the Blue Line, and the part past Grossmont was earlier handled by the Orange Line, which still runs there, as far out as to Gillespie Field.

Views in this series of Old Town Transit Center are split between this section and the Blue Line North section.  Views along the shared Orange Line route are shown in that other section, in deference to its earlier operation. 

This scene is in the western part of Mission Valley, and features a train crossing in the vicinity of Mission Center Rd.   The trolley passes over the surprisingly lush San Diego River a number of times as it heads through the valley. 

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