Orange Line

The Orange Line was the second route added to the San Diego Trolley system, with its first portion entering operation in 1986.  The route was originally called the East Line.  Over time it was extended out to the suburbs to the northeast.  The identification as the Orange Line was adopted in 1997. 

The outbound service heads away from 12th & Imperial Transit Center eastbound along the middle of Commercial St.  It then assumes its private right of way, and twists through Lemon Grove, La Mesa and El Cajon.  Like the original route, much of the line is constructed along a former freight railroad, and freight service is still provided during the hours when passenger runs do not operate.

In this view a train is just about to cross La Mesa Blvd. near the heart of that city.  Gates are down, and the station is just ahead for this run.

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Trees by the Right of Way Tracks at the Junction Industry and Freight Cars
Commercial St. West Along Commercial St. Leaving La Mesa Blvd.
Crossing Ahead Farmers Market Quiet Time
La Mesa Blvd. Shades of Red