A Single, Long Line

Metrorail runs along a mostly elevated right of way more than 22 miles.  The service is operated by Miami-Dade Transit, a large department within the Miami-Dade County government.
The single line passes above varied cities, communities and neighborhoods as it runs, in its northerly direction, from its terminal at Dadeland South.  Along the way it passes through, among other places, South Miami; Coral Gables; a long path in Miami, first from the southwest  toward and near the central business district, and then generally to the northwest; and then through Hialeah, ending up at Palmetto in the suburb of Medley.  Along the way the line gives rather appealing views as it passes near -- but not through -- the core of the downtown Miami area. 

This view shows a northbound train descending away from the camera along the high structure that takes the line over the Miami River.  Downtown lies blocks away in a vector from the camera to the train and beyond.