Store Windows Image Gallery

SERIES INTRODUCTION Shades of Red Wisdom Haight Sight Dolls and a Wedding
Erudite Bear Multiple Panes Mid-Step Different Shapes The Cat
Affection I Want You Motley Crew Marbles and Sunlight Bicentennial
Fearsome Grocery Chorus Plaintive Gaze Horse and Feet Antique Row
The Other Half Hand Placement Elephant Mid-Air Seated Smile
Enticing the Shopper Pottery Fancy Things In the Gallery Leaning Woman
Friends and Goal Animals Specialty Cakes Reflection Upon Myself Texas
Tourist Items Trio Horse at the Florist Fruits and Vegetables Lion Looking Out
Fantasy Good Humor Keeping Time Mugs Red Candles
Cat Face Figurine Dinosaur Doll Face Ladies
Masks Plates Art Toy Soldiers Statuary
Frames Woman's Head Doll in Red Pig and Such Aqua and Purple
Silver Mirror