Subway-Surface Lines

Five trolley routes use the subway under Market St. west of center city -- a unique (in this country, at least) example where light rail serves as "local" service to heavy rail running on adjacent tracks.  The downtown terminal for all lines is along a loop at City Hall.

West of the Schuylkill River the Subway-Surface lines Route 10 branches off first to exit in its own portal to head for Overbrook in the northwest part of the city.  The remaining four split after reaching outdoors to head to southwest points: Route 11 to Darby Transportation Center, Route 13 to Yeadon (some runs continue on to Darby), Route 34 to Angora and Route 36 to Eastwick.

The above photo is at the Darby Transportation Center -- a location which shows the remains of tracks and routes now vanished into history. 

It must regrettably be reported that this section contains a very small number of images, for now. 
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