Narrow Rail Vehicles

Philadelphia is another one of the handful of cities that retained trolley service all during the century.  The initial portion of the streetcar subway goes back to the first decade of last century.  The underground portion was extended west later on. 

SEPTA came into being in 1968, at which point the Philadelphia Transportation Co. -- which I richly remember from my earliest visits -- became part of history. 

Newer vehicles replaced the PCC on the Subway-Surface lines in the early 1980s.  Car 9019, depicted in this scene, represents the more modern (but rather graceless) Kawasaki vehicles now in use.  The cars appear narrow, but the track gauge is broad, four inches wider than standard.  The use of trolley poles has been retained.

The car is in this photo is at the Darby terminal, and is almost ready to head
back to City Hall. 
Route 11 travels through some tired, sometimes bleak, neighborhoods along Woodland Ave., a route generally a few blocks away from the Amtrak Northeast Corridor. 

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