Norristown High Speed Line

The Norristown High Speed Line, officially SEPTA Route 100, travels 13.5 miles between 69th Street Terminal and the Norristown Transportation Center.  The route has a rich history, including operating at great speeds with Brill "Bullet Cars" during a much earlier era.  Some consider it among  America's last interurbans.  Some consider it heavy rail.  In any case it's a unique piece of electric rail transit. 

This photo is at 69th Street.  Unlike the heavy rail Market-Frankford Line and the suburban trolleys, which have loops at this terminal,  the Norristown Line glides to a stop along stub-end rails.  A careful look at the photo above shows a Market-Frankford subway train rising along its loop to head back to center city and beyond.
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Readying to Depart Commuter View 69th Street Terminal
Way Station Approaching Norristown Close-Up
Red Signal    

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