Autumn Leaves, City Hall

 A southbound train is at City Hall/SW 5th & Jefferson (as it is shown on station signs) in this scene.  Many autumn leaves have fallen, and those that remain in the trees are in varying colors, with some many more ready to tumble.  This is the next-to-the-last station on the line.

Portland Mall passes through several distinctive zones in its relatively brief run through center city.  To the north, near Union Station, there are blocks badly in need of revitalization, and the city's rail and bus stations are close by.   Heading southbound, beyond Burnside the route makes the bend common to all Portland numbered streets in this area, and the main part of downtown begins.  A number of  banks are prominent, and there is next the major shopping district, with also numerous hotels nearby.  Further on, civic buildings and legal and insurance entities proliferate.  Beyond this City Hall station the line heads to its final stop in territory dominated by the nearby presence of the extensive campus of Portland State University. 

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