City Hall Beyond

City Hall appears across SW 5th Ave. in this second view from the southbound station that serves this area of governmental buildings.  There is only one further station to go. 

As noted elsewhere within the pages of this series, Portland MAX has acquired four different series of light rail vehicles in its history.  The "Type 4" trains, as appearing in this image, are the newest; they entered service shortly before Portland Mall became operational.  The LRVs. with their distinctive curved fronts and rears, are similar to units in use in Houston and San Diego.

The Yellow Line to Expo Center and the Green Line to Clackamas Town Center are the two through routes along  Portland Mall.  In addition, there is periodic weekday afternoon service that travels between PSU and Union Station as a loop shuttle.  And on Sunday afternoons, the replica Portland Vintage Trolley follows that same clockwise loop. 

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